Tuesday, March 18, 2008

NEW! Appearing Nightly in Southaven!

Mesquite Chop House Vodka Infusions!
These have been a real hit, especially with the Martini drinkers. We are featuring a Madagascar Vanilla Bean Infusion, wonderful mixed with Coke or used in the Toasted Marshmallow or Wedding Cake Martini, a Fresh Pineapple Infusion, awesome on the rocks or used in our Tropical Martini, and of course......... a Pepper Infusion for our Chop House Bloody Mary, it also makes a fantastic Cajun Martini! We also have a Feature Martini available. This week's flavor is a Green Apple Martini made with Fresh Green Apple Infused Vodka and Apple Pucker.
MMMMMMMMMM! Come in and try one today!

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