Monday, November 17, 2008

Memphis- General Manager Dustin Hornsby

The NEW General Manager in the Mesquite Chop House Downtown Memphis comes to us via Dallas, Texas. Although a Memphian by birth, Dustin was the General Manager for the Texas de Brazil in Dallas. Before his tenure with Texas de Brazil, you may have seen him at the Peabody Hotel where he was the Assistant GM at the Italian steak house Capriccio Grill. A longtime veteran of the restaurant industry, he has had the opportunity to pick and choose the best parts of the restaurants he has been a part of, and now brings that experience to our downtown location. His philosophy is one that is spoken often, but one that is rarely followed through with in the service world today. Dustin ardently believes in "the guest is always right" way of thinking. He says, "In today's atmosphere, most restaurants find themselves with employees that think and act negatively, that don't correlate a good attitude with great service and great food. My mission is to instill in every employee a sense of pride in the quality of their work and the discipline to meet the demands of the highest standards, my standards. This is what creates a memorable experience for our guests, and it is a memorable experience that every single one of our guest deserves." Dustin goes on to say, "Becoming a part of an organization like the Mesquite Chop House is great honor. What I love about the Chop House is that we are a TRUE steak house. We don't have gimmicks. We have unbelievable food in an atmosphere for people that appreciate atmosphere. The Chop House is the most attractive restaurant I've ever worked in. The dark wood, marble and Frank Sinatra in the background is just about the best work environment I could have ever imagined. The great thing is we already have terrific regular guests, but I really look forward to impressing them and our new guests again and again!" So there you have it ladies and gentlemen.
If you get a chance to stop by and say hello to Dustin, please do so.

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