Wednesday, April 2, 2008

March 26 Downtown Wine Tasting

The March 26 Mesquite Chop House Downtown Wine Tasting was our best yet. We had a combination of newbies and veterans this time around and the conversation was lively.

Our wine tastings are always fun, educational, and delicious for patrons and staff alike, but Downtown we are noticing an unanticipated phenomena. Downtowners who are strangers to one another when they arrive are leaving as friends and business contacts. That is a great thing to see as more and more folks move into the Downtown core.

Now…the photos!

Here is a great shot of the group with glasses at the ready. Four incredible food courses paired with four exquisite wonder they are smiling.

Pictured below is wine expert John Arnold of Victor L. Robilio Co., Inc. We greatly appreciate Robilio Co. and John working with our chefs to create our pairings. Never at a loss for words, John is an animated and knowlegeble sommelier.

Bobby and Tracy Hoard

Marquise and Jahari Dowdy

Steve and Jane O'Mell

Alan and Linda Lu Hargraves

We look forward to seeing everyone again for the April Wine Tasting at the Downtown location on April 30. Chef Marcus Lockett and John Arnold will have another excellent multi-course wine pairing planned soon. Check back here for details.

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